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Badges manufactured by the Moscow Artists Association enamel factory . The image on this badge differs dramatically from that of all other “Paratrooper” badges, either in 1931 or 1936. Therefore, the awning becomes three-dimensional and has six dents; the back of the awning is clearly visible; The suspension lines are divided into two groups of four. The image of a skydiver is executed more accurately; it holds suspension lines with both hands. Backwards is a counter-relief, screw and nut fastening method.

We offer a wide range of Soviet prices at a high price. All our items are covered with a money back guarantee, if not authentic. Although many znachki are miniature pieces of Soviet propaganda, the shape is older than the 1917 revolution. He celebrates the production of toys in Zagorsk, now called Sergiev Posad. It was hard to believe that just ten years after the first experiments with falling aircraft troops without a parachute, a large-scale presentation took place in deep snow.

C3P0 reference holder, Ascension of Christ Key Chain. Graduation Cump Clip hand stamped tie initials clip custom tie tie tie tie tie tie day graduation gift college gift. Dinosaur nurse Badge Duty-Rel Badge Dinosaur Badge Reel-Nurse Badge Reel School Headline Nurse of Retractable Reel Identification Badge. Squirrel Patch, Crochet Baby Owl Cocoon & Beanie. Insignia or excellence in military construction, around the seventies and eighties.

Those rarely seen badges were made of bronze and equipped with round nuts of the manufacturer’s brand. According to order number 28 mentioned above, the badge on the summer and winter uniform would be worn on the button on the lapel of the left breast pocket and should be attached “with a screw and a plate-shaped nut”. When worn in a uniform without breast pockets, the top left badge is attached in a dressing gown.

High-quality Moscow coin version in brass and enamel. Comes with original coin marked screw plate. Excellent propagandist for M.V.D. Awarded to M.V.D. personnel for an excellent work in propaganda to promote the works of the M.V.D. using various forms of art and the media.

An interesting and rare badge in excellent condition. Badge of a participant in the DOSAAF International Shooting Contest 1958 commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Red Army. Scarce and attractive plate in excellent condition.

No one seems to be sure how the znachki harvest started, although according to a general memory it dates only a decade or so. It goes well with a Soviet use of wearing civilian decorations in civilian clothes. A little speculation has arisen and the prices of rare items can be high. Recognize your favorite air or space lover. Visit us in Washington, DC and Chantilly, VA to explore hundreds of the world’s major aerospace objects. Tenth anniversary of the O.G.P.U.1927 Issued to members of the Soviet political police.

Badge of a participant in the 40th Warsaw Pact conference, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Joint Forces Military Council, 1989. Very large and extremely rare badge issued to one of the high-ranking members invited to the conference. This article is a list of insignia and decorations of the Soviet Union. They were mainly awarded for military service, but also for sports, graduation and community participation.

It comes complete with a large red folder with gold letters on the cover. It shows the facsimile signature of Soviet Prime soviet collectibles Minister Mikhail Gorbachev. Erebadge “To a Warrior – Internationalist”, number of the 80’s by the Leningrad Mint.