Formula One Tickets – Beat the Rush!

It is just the start of the season and already the respective circuits are buzzing with news, rumors and debates of all kinds. The F1 season sees Michael Schumacher give others a tough run for the trophy after a three-year hiatus. Jenson Button, the 2009 world champion joined McLaren from Brawn GP, which topped the constructor’s list in the previous season. The motor racing policies of 2010 are under strict scrutiny and have been subject to vehement debates. Learning about the gossip from news channels is not as exciting as getting a ringside view of the entire action. To be a part of this high-velocity sport, book your Formula e tickets right now!

Formula One Ticket: Driving Facts

Nothing can beat the experience of watching a live race! It is therefore, recommended that you should procure your Formula One tickets before it runs out of stock. For more convenient purchase, prefer an online broker.

Did you know?

* F1 drivers lose approximately 2-3 liters of water and 4kgs weight after every race, being exposed to high G-forces and temperature for over an hour.

* The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is believed to be the best and the fastest racetrack, recording the highest speed of 375 km/hr. This circuit also boasts of a history of some of the finest victories and the deadliest accidents.

* The F1 car engines, engineered from more than 5000 state-of-the-art components which generate 750 bhp, have a lifeline of just one race.

* The race cars can accelerate from 0 to 160k/hr. speed and again back to 0 in not more than 4 seconds.

* After a driver applies full brakes, the car takes approximately 55 meters and 1.9seconds to come to a standstill.

* The refuelers used in F1 supply 12l of fuel per second. The top crew members can refuel as well as change the tires in just five seconds during a pit stop.

* Damon Hill is the only racer in history who has not lead even one lap but won the Championship in the end.

* Nigel Mansell is the only racer who has lead every lap but lost the championship in this topsy-turvy world of international racing where anything can happen.

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